My name is Kiana Nirvana Loomis. Today, I am a WBFF bikini pro, top natural physique athlete in multiple bodybuilding federations and successful personal trainer and nutrition specialist. But I didn't start here. Everyone starts somewhere, and I, just like anyone else, have had my ups and downs in finding my happy place with health and fitness.

I was never athletic growing up. I hated most sports, despised of P.E. class and used my exercise-enduced asthma as an excuse to get out of any physical exertion that I could. It wasn't until later in my teenage years when I ventured out from standard sports teams and gym classes that I developed a strong interest in health and fitness. Like most people, it started with a simple mission to get healthier and more confident. I can recall a feeling of insecurity regarding my body image and my weight from a young age. As most adolescents and young adults, my diet wasn't great, and my exercise routine was relatively nonexistent. I wasn't ever really happy or proud of my body, and that didn't feel good.

Once I finally decided to make a change, I jumped onto the common fitness train to lose weight and ultimately achieve a "better" body (whatever that meant). I, rather cluelessly, dove into the world of yoga and fitness in search of weight loss and a more "bikini ready" body. It wasn't long before I gave into the pressure of the fitness and weight loss industry and began to develop the beginning of an eating disorder. I went from being average to slightly overweight to being rail thin with no muscle tone and hardly enough body-weight to sustain myself in a matter of a few short months. I was following what I thought to be a healthy diet, extremely limiting my portion sizes, making sure my entire diet was composed of "healthy" foods, and as my energy decreased, so did my enthusiasm and spark for life. I began with a goal to simply become healthier and more confident, but because I lacked proper guidance and knowledge, I achieved the exact opposite. Once I reached barely above 80 pounds at 5' 4", that was really a wake up call for me that something needed to change. So began round two of my fitness journey.

I joined a gym, and started doing some basic workouts I found online. With threats of eating disorder inpatient centers looming over my head, I was determined to get it right this time around. I began reading every article, scouring every magazine, and watching every video I could get my hands on in an attempt to learn how to properly train and fuel my body for my goals. Of course, reversing a disorder such as the one I had takes time. It's not an on or off flip that switches overnight. It took a lot of hard work, and much trial and error, but I finally started doing things that lead me to feeling and seeing the results I had been wanting all along. After a while, I was gaining a bit of muscle and my energy levels were climbing back up. Over time, through many gym sessions, a lot of studying, and some guidance from trusted trainers, I slowly gained the knowledge to start building my own routines, and pairing them with the right nutrition to amplify my results. What had started as a simple choice to change my body soon turned into a complete lifestyle transformation. I was happier, healthier, and more comfortable with who I was, inside and out. Once I started seeing and feeling positive change, I never wanted to stop. My body was changing for the better, but more importantly, so was my mind. Before long, friends and family and even complete strangers started asking me for my diet and training advice and secrets. Though I had little formal knowledge, I was happy to apply my experience to all different kinds of people and lifestyles to help others see and feel better about themselves as well.


With each training question or inquiry I received, my desire for more knowledge only grew. From there, I decided to officially begin as a qualified professional in the fitness industry. I started out gaining my 200 hr CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher) certificate and went on to obtain many other certifications and qualifications as a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Exercise Rehab Specialist and Bodybuilding Specialist. I currently have multiple nationally accredited certifications, years of experience competing and training clients of all types, ages and experience levels and have gone on to successfully compete as a bikini competitor in 7 different shows and 4 different federations. I have received multiple first place titles and never placed lower than top 5. In my most recent show in 2019, I obtained my WBFF Pro card as a Pro Bikini Diva.
I continue to research, scour studies and increase my formal education of evidence based fitness and nutrition on a daily basis to ensure I can provide others with the best experience and knowledge and separate fact from fiction to get to the best results possible while living a happy and healthy life.

Becoming fit and healthy is a process, and it's one that I had to endure just like everyone else. There is no magic pill or potion, or one-size-fits-all formula to reaching your goals. I may have taken the long road and discovered the hard way that it takes some hard work, dedication, and proper guidance to reach your goals and figure out what works best, but if I can do it, I strongly believe that anyone can (hopefully skipping some of the trials and tribulations I experienced along the way). I've learned so much on the path to making myself stronger and healthier, and I want nothing more than to share all that I know to help others do the same.

Don't settle for average. Strive to be the best version of yourself that you can be. You might just surprise yourself with how great you really are.

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As much as I love living an active lifestyle and challenging my own strength and knowledge everyday, it's no fun if I can't use that strength and knowledge to help others. I do what I do so that I can help others (like you!) live their best lives.

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