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Online Programs & Pricing

*Please note these prices reflect ONLY exclusively online training, and do not include any one on one sessions or in person training*

8 Week Training Program

    You will receive 8 weeks worth of workouts, complete with daily workout routines and detailed exercise description and video instruction. The program includes a workout plan based on your goals, availability, and experience (beginner, intermediate or advanced option) broken down day by day to help you achieve maximum results.

Note: This is not a custom program, but will provide great general guidance for those who need some structure in the gym. This option does not include nutritional guidance or email support, so it is highly recommended that you already have a nutritional plan aligned with your goals to accompany this program.




 Monthly Coaching

     Receive personalized workouts designed for you and your goals, complete with exercise instruction, demonstrational videos, and consistent coaching and program modifications as necessary.

You will receive comprehensive nutritional guidelines, as well as full support, feedback, and monitoring of your program from me throughout your coaching experience. From beginner to advanced, this is the most personal and individualized option available to ensure optimal results for any trainee. Your program will be designed specifically for you based on your goals, needs and experience level.

$95/mo (cancel at any time)

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Personal Trainer San Diego, CA

Personal Trainer San Diego, CA

Bikini Competition Prep Coach San Diego, CA