What Does Sexy. Strong. Sustainable. Mean For You?

The S3 (Sexy. Strong. Sustainable) program is designed to help people like you see the results you have been waiting for, with a carefully designed monthly training program curated by blending methods used by Kiana herself as well as the latest research in strength and hypertrophy. You can take the guess work out of your workouts and start seeing real results in the gym - at a fraction of the cost of 1:1 coaching.

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With This Program You Will Get:


Each month you will receive all of your training materials complete with a brand new 4 day per week training program (home and gym options available with every membership), a printable training log to keep track of your progress throughout the month, video demos with every exercise, and additional educational resources for those interested in learning more to optimize their training and nutrition efforts.
The program is a full body glute focused program with an intro video each month explaining the focus and objective of each program. Can't make 4 days a week work with your schedule? Don't sweat it. There will also be instruction on how to modify the program to accommodate anywhere from 2-4 training days each week. This program really is designed to give you the tools and resources to succeed regardless of your fitness level or circumstances.

You will also receive access to an exclusive online community forum to connect with other members, share progress, ask questions, and post general feedback or information you think others might find helpful. Kiana will oversee the forum to answer questions when applicable and help any members who might be struggling in any way.

Educational Video Lessons

Bi-monthly video lessons reviewing the hottest topics in fitness and nutrition: debunking myths, answering common fitness questions explaining the science behind proper diet and training protocols, detailed form review videos and more. Features podcast interviews with some of the biggest names in evidence based fitness!

Online Fitness Community


Connect with other members of the S3 community about your program, post recipes, share your progress, or ask Kiana or each other direct questions in an all-access free member forum. Come hang out with like-minded individuals and learn how to make the most of your program!

Exclusive Coaching Q&A's

Join Kiana every month as she answers some of the top member questions on all things fitness and nutrition.

This a chance for all members to get the facts straight, to receive a coaches advice and feedback and to connect with Kiana as a coach all included in your low monthly membership price.

                   All The Resources You Need to Be Successful.

You Are Sexy. You Are Strong. You Won't Sacrifice Happiness. Start Living Your Best Life Today.

Join the S3 Community today to start working toward your sexiest, strongest, happiest self and experience all of the benefits of a strong, sexy and sustainable fitness approach.

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