Competing, Disordered Eating and Strategies for Dieting and Training Success

Kiana Loomis - Personal Trainer, Business Owner and Nutrition Specialist

Here I go over my experience with competing, my past with eating disorders and dieting strategies I use with clients both on and off prep. I cover glute training protocols, dieting, things to be aware of when prepping and provide applicable tips that YOU can utilize (whether you're competing or not!) to approach fitness in a healthy manner and reach your physique goals without sacrificing your mental health.

"Competing didn't save anyone from an eating disorder. Competing provides a platform to justify the disordered behavior and a community that praises it. Make sure to keep your mental health and your relationship with food and yourself in check if you decide to compete."

*Disclaimer: Kiana Loomis is not a medical professional and does not specialize in the diagnosis or treatment of any psychological or physical disorders. Please do not replace this advice with that of a medical professional and make sure to seek appropriate help if you are suffering from any of the aforementioned conditions. Most importantly, understand that you are not alone, you should not be ashamed of your condition and there ARE people out there who can and will help you.*

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Personal Trainer San Diego, CA

Personal Trainer San Diego, CA

Bikini Competition Prep Coach San Diego, CA