WBFF Prep: Peak Week

It's officially peak week of my first WBFF show! This past week has been the most challenging yet. Not so much physically, but moreso mentally and emotionally. As the date draws nearer, self doubt is increasing and to be quite honest, I was feeling pretty down about the way I looked for the majority of the week. You always want the best possible outcome and we are our own worst critics. I may have set up slightly unrealistic expectations for myself as to how I would look on stage. Prep requires a hyper-focus on the way you look and that can be mentally exhausting as you start to hone in on every imperfection or area of improvement. Some of it was physical and there are definitely areas that I wish I could improve upon, but a large majority of it was also mental. I am feeling a bit better entering this week and one of my main goals going into peak week is to work on talking myself up and owning my physique. Regardless of how I look or don't look, confidence speaks volumes and will be apparent on stage. I will preface this by saying that I am in no way lean enough or hard enough to compete in many bodybuilding and physique federations out there, but the WBFF has a different standard than many other federations.

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Personal Trainer San Diego, CA

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